All about Professional Home Care Service

What is Home Care?

Home care is a non-medical service; supportive care is provided by a caregiver to someone in their own home. Care comes by assisting the recipient with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, feeding, and activities that promote health and wellness in the individual.

What is Professional Home Care?

Professional Home Care Service is given by a Certified Caregiver who provides home care as described above but also more technical skills such as monitoring vital signs, passive exercises, rehabilitative strategies, preparation of special diets, first aid interventions, and serving medication. They usually maintain documentation of the service they provide.

This documentation can be used by the client’s medical team – any clinics they may attend, dental office, and general check-ups for continuity of care. The health professionals that attend to the client can understand how the client is coping with home care, see changes in their vital signs to make decisions on changes in their therapy, and get an insight as to what is being done to better plan the client’s treatment from a holistic point of view.

Difference between a Caregiver and a Certified Caregiver

Patient care is a special skill that uses internationally accepted, evidence-based standards to render care without causing harm to the recipient of the care.

It is important to hire a certified caregiver because even though a caregiver may have many years of experience, they may be doing the wrong thing all these years and not even know it.

For the safety of your loved one, a certified caregiver from a reputable school is recommended.

The standard for skill-based careers such as Patient Care in Trinidad and Tobago is the C.V.Q. (Caribbean Vocational Qualification) and the National Training Agency is the authorized body for assigning this standard to a vocational centre or school.

At Nice Us Geriatric, we go a step further by providing a team of professionals – Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers to give quality assurance for the Professional Home Care Service that we provide.

The Registered Nurses monitor Key Performance and Satisfaction Indicators of the care delivered by our Certified Caregivers to give the client the assurance that we provide quality care every time.

We implement strict COVID19 Protocols so the client can feel safe and secure in the comfort and privacy of their home, amongst the people they love.

Call us at 497-2439 and one of our Registered Nurses will help you decide if a Free Consultation is right for you.


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