All About Nice Us Geriatric

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Blog

Who we are.

Nice Us Geriatric is a Care Agency specialized in Professional Elder Care. That means we have a team of Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers who provide care with a system based on internationally recognized standards.

We are NOT a nursing home. We provide professional and caring home care service in the comfort of our client’s home with a team of Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers.

Why a team?

Because we provide a professional service, we use a highly qualified health care team. Our Registered Nurses provide added quality assurance by monitoring Key Performance Indicators while our Certified Caregivers give caring and competent home care service. Combined with an agency that gives additional support with human resource management, training, analytical review, quality control, and transparency, you get peace of mind with a service you can trust.

What are Key Performance Indicators? 

They are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the success of an employee in meeting objectives for performance. Founder Ms. Arlene Nysus, a Registered Nurse specialized in Occupational Health Nursing, designed tools based on her qualifications, years of knowledge and experience, to monitor Key Performance Indicators that allow the company to give quality assurance. There is no guesswork, ambiguity or empty promises. We use the internationally accepted nursing skills to anticipate, recognize and identify issues that may arise in the elderly and monitor them to ensure the elderly get quality care each time.

How does it work?

STEP 1: When someone inquires about our service, we ask three main things:

Location, Category of Patient, Coverage

Location: We have caregivers across the nation. They are screened, vetted, and oriented to our policies and procedures and await an assignment. We confirm the location to ensure a caregiver is available in your area.

Category of Patient: We categorize each patient by his or her level of mobility. If they can walk, even with assistance, they are Category 1. If they are bedridden, they are Category 2. Their category will determine the amount of intervention needed for their care.

Coverage: You can customize the number of hours you need a caregiver. We charge via an hourly rate.

STEP 2: A Registered Nurse conducts a Free Consultation where she will do a “Needs Assessment”. She assesses your loved one’s unique needs then designs a plan of care for them. This plan of care is based on your loved one’s needs, your coverage needs and the tasks you want us to complete for your loved one.

STEP 3: The Registered Nurse selects the best Nice Us Caregiver to render care for your loved one, based on the location, category and coverage identified. The team then meets with the client for a Comfort Match; to ensure the client is comfortable with their new caregiver. Any adjustments to the plan of care is made at this time.

STEP 4: The Nice Us Caregiver starts duty, providing quality, professional and caring service in the comfort of your home. For Category 1 clients, the Registered Nurse visits twice a month to monitor and provide support to the Nice Us Caregiver, and three times a month for Category 2 clients. The Registered Nurse has specific documents to complete and all Nice Us Caregivers document the daily tasks done for the client. This document stays in your home at all times.

All information collected, managed, or viewed by the Nice Us team is treated with strict privacy and patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

All COVID19 Policies are strictly adhered to while delivering care to the elderly.

Feel free to contact us at 497-2439 for further information.