Nice Us Caregivers

Trustworthy, dependable, reliable, and caring.
We select certified and competent caregivers who personify these qualities to join our team and provide continuous learning for them through our training department. When any Nice Us Caregiver comes to your home, we can guarantee that you are getting the best in the caregiving industry.

We understand the main concerns of the elderly and their family members and rest assured; we allay those concerns through systems that promote professionalism and ethical values.

All of our certified caregivers are vetted for competence, emotional intelligence, and credibility. Registered Nurses, using a formatted criterion, interview the caregivers, and successful applicants are then oriented to our unique core values – N- nice(pleasant), I- integrity, C- competent, E- excellence. Records are kept on all our caregivers and we perform background/criminal checks and a medical assessment.

Our Nice Us Caregiver provides home care service based on the Plan of Care (customized by you, your elderly relative and the Registered Nurse) and the Registered Nurse supports the caregiver through monitoring for Key Performance and Satisfaction Indicators. This system allows quality assurance with optimal care for your loved one, which may improve the quality of their life and provide you with peace of mind.

Job security has never been more elusive than now and we provide employment opportunities for health care heroes while ensuring they maintain a high standard of care for your loved one.