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Getting quality Home Care with Nice Us Geriatrics is easier than ever. Let us treat your loved ones like family!

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Welcome to Nice Us Geriatrics

The elderly deserves to be treated N.I.C.E. – Nice, with Integrity, Compassion and Empathy. And so Nice Us Geriatrics was born.

Our Specialities

Nice Us Geriatrics is a Limited Liability established since March 03rd, 2016. Over 20 years of health care experience exist between the directors of this organization.


About Our Care Agency

Your peace of mind is our main objective.

We understand the need for professional and ethical home care, especially now


Nice Us Caregivers

Trustworthy, dependable, reliable, and caring.

We select certified and competent caregivers who personify these qualities to join our team and provide continuous


Our Training Division

At Nice Us Geriatrics we foster a criteria of excellence using International Standards at the forefront of our training programs

The Geriatric Caregiver Course is Level I and Level II taught in …

Weekly Blog

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Main Factors That May Cause Falls In The Elderly

Falls may be a common occurrence in the elderly as they are more susceptible to falling. A fall for the elderly can be a very dangerous event; they may get broken bones (due to their bone’s fragility), bad bruising, cuts that heal slower, limbs easily dislocated...

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Many times persons think that having their elderly loved one in front of the television is sufficient to keep them engaged. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, recreation is very important for the elderly, for a number of reasons. Benefits...

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All About Nice Us Geriatric

Who we are. Nice Us Geriatric is a Care Agency specialized in Professional Elder Care. That means we have a team of Registered Nurses and Certified Caregivers who provide care with a system based on internationally recognized standards. We are NOT a nursing home....

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All about Professional Home Care Service

What is Home Care? Home care is a non-medical service; supportive care is provided by a caregiver to someone in their own home. Care comes by assisting the recipient with activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, feeding, and...

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All About Wound Care – A Four Part Series

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How To Deal With Bed Wetting In The Elderly

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When Is It Time To Get A Professional Caregiver

So many times the expression “miserable” is used to describe the behaviour of the elderly. However, is it that they are really just “miserable” or is it deeper than that? Can you imagine once being able to do simple things as walking, attending to your daily...

Fundamentals of Geriatric Care
Register for the upcoming Geriatric Caregiver Course (Level II) by signing up on the Pre-Registration

Personal Care and Assistance

Bathing, restroom activities, incontinence care, grooming, personal hygiene, dressing, walking, etc.


Nutritious & delicious meals, diet planning (with dietary restrictions), feeding, etc.

Clinic Appointments and Errands

Schedule planning and assistance (visits, appointments, errands, outings, etc.)

Companionship and Recreation
For the elderly, time is readily available and life is no longer a rush. At Nice Us Geriatrics, being N.I.C.E. goes a long way. We value the appreciation of a good companionship for the elderly.

Professional Medication Management
Medication is an important element towards wellness in an individual who needs to take it.

Why choose us

Professional Home Care Service

Nice Us Geriatrics brings professional nursing systems into the home care service to provide structure, accountability, and quality care. Our team includes:

  • The Nice Us Caregiver who will provide Home Care Service in the comfort of your home,
  • Our Registered Nurses support by conducting intermittent monitoring of Key Performance Indicators, counseling and giving advice where needed and
  • A reputable company focused on promoting a culture where the elderly is valued, cherished, and respected.

Professional Training in Elder Care

We offer two programs under our Training Division.
Professional Caregiver Enhancement Series (P.C.E.S.) One-day Online Workshops. This program is geared towards already certified caregivers desirous of refreshing their skills to remain competent. Persons wanting to learn basic skills in caring for the elderly can also sign up.
Fundamentals of Geriatric Care Course. This course is specially designed to prepare the candidate to function independently as a Caregiver upon successful completion of the course. For more details check out our services tab.

Peace of Mind

Our system allows you to feel peace of mind knowing that your loved one is getting the best service for optimal health and wellness.
Our team leaders consist of Registered Nurses with over 45 years of combined specialized nursing experience.
We use professional nursing processes to bring structure, accountability, and optimal care to the home care service and ensure that our caregivers are certified, competent and caring.

Benefits of using a Care Agency

We know how challenging it may be to hire a caregiver. Not knowing what questions to ask or how to locate a caregiver may be just a few daunting obstacles to finding the right caregiver.
The support of a reputable company provides the convenience of getting the right caregiver without the hassle of the process. We process all human resource functions, payroll, and insurance obligations for the caregiver and provide continuous learning in their professional development.

Key Performance Indicators

We provide assurance of the quality of our service by monitoring for Key Performance and Satisfaction Indicators.
Founder of Nice Us Geriatric – Ms. Arlene Nysus, using her professional skills as an Occupational Health Nurse, designed special tools created to bring structure, accountability, and quality care to the home care setting.
Our care service is evidence-based and we are better positioned to give the assurance that quality care can be given every time.

Social Enterprise

Nice Us Geriatric was started to complete one mission. To stop Elder Abuse. This is why we exist.
We truly believe that one day, elder abuse will be a thing of the long-forgotten past and that ALL elderly persons will be cherished, respected, and valued.
As a social enterprise, we not only provide a solution to end elder abuse but also to provide sustainable employment in the Geriatric Caregiver Industry – an industry that currently has no authoritative body on a national level and may be subject to many issues because of this.
We strive to protect the elderly, protect the caregiver and as such, protect the legacy of a nation.



True Healthcare For Your Family!

There are two main divisions – Training Unit and Employment Agency.

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Helping Patients

We exist to bring professionalism and high ethical standards to in-home care service for the elderly and non-medical rehabilitative clients.

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